Using the best car accessories to keep cool during summer months

With warm, sunny weather finally here; there are many car accessories available to help you stay cool in your car when driving in the heat. From Car Fans and Sun Shades to Drink Holders and Wind Deflectors simple to fit summer motoring products to make your journey more comfortable.

The most effective car fans

Not all cars are equipped with air conditioning. Many of us who have it, also prefer to save fuel and keep it switched off. A simple alternative to using your air-con, especially if its broken is using a 12v Car Fan.

These can be positioned almost anywhere in your car, and simply plug into your cigarette lighter socket. A range of sizes and powers can be found online, but the better models usually have a larger metal cage and even come with an oscillating motion.

They provide a much needed cooling breeze which is an especially welcome luxury when stuck in a jam or in slow moving traffic.

Sun shades you can use

There is no need to spend several hundreds of pounds getting your windows tinted if you want some extra shade inside your car. Car Sun Shades can be found from only a few pounds, and fix to your side or rear windows straight from the packet in seconds.

Once in place, they provide instant shade for your passengers. Side window blinds are usually sold in pairs, while larger and wider sun shades are sold individually to fit in your rear windscreen, and also ideal for helping to keep your pets cool in the boot.